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Efficiency in the Veterinary Practice with Bret Canfield

May 11, 2022
This episode is all about efficiency in the veterinary practice. Andrea and David have a chat with Bret Canfield, BFA, the Director of Organizational Development at Summit Veterinary Referral Center.
Bret dives into the areas we submerge ourselves in on a daily basis and how we can be more efficient in our practices. We talk about broken processes, how to make them right, and what steps we need to take to see improvement one step at a time without worrying about perfection on the first try. Bret tells us about ethnography, leaning in, and running into the fire to stay in a state of discomfort in order to grow. You won’t want to miss this “woo-woo” episode! 
Join us, grab a cup of coffee, or pour a glass of wine, enjoy the session! Stay happy and sane!

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